How do you improve project communication when outsourcing?

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With encrypted storage and secure transfer, your assets and communications are safe. You use specific access rights to tightly control who can access what. You easily see who has done what, when and where, using the audit function. No risk of stolen or hacked information with terrible consequences for your company and clients.

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Secure collaboration

Collaborate with clients and team members while storing all your assets and information encrypted. Chat securely 1:1 and in dedicated chat rooms.

Select storage location

Select the country best matching your legal requirements, starting with the EU and its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Organization & Task Management

Stay on top.

No more missing files, causing timeline havoc. Everything available at your fingertips with drag and drop to store content easily, no matter if you are at the desktop or mobile.

Search through all your content, no matter if links, notes, documents, video or audio files, and find the relevant information and the right versions, fast.

Create a live document, upload a file or share a web link and directly assign a task for a team member, with deadline and priority. Stay on top of things with task lists. Use our predefined templates or create your own workflows.

Collaborate with team members using secure chat, and set up dedicated chat rooms for clients, partners and teams. Discuss content directly where it is stored and rate or discard documents and links when brainstorming.

Subscribe to users or topics of interest and get notified when new, relevant information is available.

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Solid Praise

“As an outsourcing specialist, entrilion is dopamine for our publishing projects. Without emails and messy file sharing, our clients and the whole team enjoy transparency, while moving forward, faster, together. Starting the day with entrilion is just so much more enjoyable than opening Outlook. We simply love it.”

Kristina Nessl, CEO Ruby Resourcing

The core components

Making your work move ahead, faster.


Strong security. All information stored and transfered is encrypted, located in data centers compliant with European Union data protection regulations.

team collaboration

Team collaboration. Create live documents, store files and share web links as PDFs. Chat securely with team members 1:1 and create chatrooms for colleagues, customers and partners. Get notified about latest changes and collaborate on all information in one location.


Organize. All relevant documents, notes and links are stored easily, while versions are being kept of each change. Follow-up on changes with notifications and see the history of any item. No more lost information saves cost and pain.

task management

Task management. Making sure that the team is working on the right tasks and that deadlines are kept. Set priorities, delegate and track tasks, all with the transparency needed for increased efficiency.


Powerful, fast search. Find anything in an instant. Documents, files, notes and even links to webpages are searched and results shown with matches highlighted.

mobile and desktop

Mobile and desktop. No matter if you are working from a desktop computer or a mobile device, you will have the rest of the team and all documents available, all the time.

Priced for efficiency

You are up and running in less than five minutes.


For individual use or smaller teams. More

  • 10 users
  • 5,000 files, links & live documents
  • 50 GB storage space for assets
  • Annual Billing
  • Data & TLS encryption
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Data Migration support available
  • Working hours CET 12h/5d Support
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For businesses with larger teams. More

      • 20 users
      • 250,000 files, links & live documents
      • 250 GB storage space for assets
      • Annual Billing
      • Data & TLS encryption
      • Multi-Factor Authentication
      • Data Migration support available
      • Working hours CET 12h/5d Support
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Unlimited for any size of project. More

      • Unlimited users (min. 10)
      • Unlimited files, links & live documents
      • Unlimited storage space for assets
      • Monthly Billing
      • Data & TLS encryption
      • Multi-Factor Authentication
      • Data Migration support available
      • Working hours CET 12h/5d Support
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